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What is a battery monitoring system?


Battery Monitoring System (BMS) is an unmanned fixed surveillance system for stationary battery applications.

A BMS is any electronic system that monitors or manages a rechargeable battery that undertakes tasks such as protecting the battery from operating outside the “safe working area”, monitoring its status, calculating secondary data, reporting this data, checking its environment and verifying its identity.

A BMS differentiates from portable measuring devices by its capability to keep the historical data of all measurements. For the right conclusion for the battery pack, a healthy analysis of the measurements can be done with the comparison of the previous data.

See the Whitepaper Vol.2: Importance of Battery Monitoring Systems Learn More

Alpais Battery Monitoring System

Alpais Battery Monitoring & Management System is a Modular and Wired solution. With this, it presents, high accuracy of measurements, healthier communications between modules (sensors) and the monitoring center, constant data collection, etc.

Alpais Battery Monitoring & Management System is suitable with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries. Regardless of the battery manufacturer, 2V, 6V, 12V, and 1.2V batteries are suitable with Alpais.

In the Alpais Battery Monitoring & Management System, there are 3 main hardware components along with the Alpais Software; Battery Module, String Module, and Control Module (with 2 options).

General System Arcitechture


Automatic Addressing for Battery Modules; Alpais presents this feature for easy commissioning. Thus the user decreases the time and the budget for installing the Alpais. And again, while changing one or a few batteries on the string, the automatic addressing feature eases the process.



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alp enerji akademi akü sistemleri yönetimi ankara eğitim
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